Dr. Jenessa Shapiro

   Associate Professor

Lab Director

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Graduate/Post-doctoral/Lab Manager Alumni

Undergraduate Alumni

Ivuoma Onyeador - Post-Doctoral Associate at Yale University in the Department of Psychology

Clarissa Cortland - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at INSEAD

Ines Jurcevic- Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance; Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Virginia

Kyneshawau Hurd - Graduate Student in Berkeley’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy PhD

Sa-Kiera Hudson - Graduate Student in Harvard Social Psychology Program; NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Iris Guzman- Graduate student at UCLA in Public Health

Shantal Marshall - Assistant Professor in Psychology at Nevada State College

Lauren Wong - Assistant Professor at St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Mariam Hambarchyan - Graduate student at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Marketing Area

Gbolahan (Femi)  Olanubi

NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Enya Entung Kuo

Lab Manager

Safiya Castel

Ross Perry - Graduate Student in UC Davis School of Medicine

Derek Moskowitz - San Francisco State University’s MS Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Elinam Ladzekpo - Research Project Coordinator at Indiana University

Andrew Kwaning - Graduate Student in USC’s Master in Social Work Program

Yibing Yang - Graduate Student in New York University’s Master of Arts program in Psychology

Ovsanna Bailan - Graduate Student in California State University, Northridge’s Clinical Psychology program

SiYan Guo - Graduate Students in University of Maryland’s Organizational Behavior PhD program

Mike Li - Graduate Student in New York University’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program

Amber Longo - Post-Baccalaureate Student at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Grecia Ramos - Graduate Student in USC’s Social Work Doctoral Program

ReJoyce Green - Graduate Student in UCLA’s Clinical Psychology Program

Tania Slavens - Graduate Student in Temple University’s School of Medicine

Melony Cohen - Graduate Student in California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant International University

Jade Elise Kobayashi - Graduate Student in Michigan State University’s Clinical Psychology Program

Aerielle Allen - PhD Student at University of Connecticut’s Social Psychology Program

Grecia Ramos - Masters student in Social Work at University of Texas at Austin

Yan Ruan - Graduate student in University of Rochester Social Psychology Program

Aerielle Allen - Master’s student in California State University Social Psychology Program

Peter McPartlan - Graduate student in UC Irvine Developmental Psychology Program

Wendi Nwadike - Masters Student in Social Work at Cal State San Bernardino

Lee Jasperse - Lab manager in the Yee-Bradbury Clinical Affective Psychophysiology lab at UCLA

Felicia Xu - Law student at Georgetown University

Jessie Leimkuhler - Physical Therapy Student at California State Long Beach

Alexandra Todd - Graduate student in Chapman University’s Educational Studies program

Alina Kurland - Graduate student in PGSP-Stanford University Psy.D program

Jefferson Pou - Graduate student in Biola's Rosemead school of Psychology Psy.D Program

Rebecca Chen - Graduate student in UCLA's Teacher Education Program

Mona Khaled  - Masters student in  Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University

Nidia Gracia - PhD student at Stanford in Developmental and Psychological Science

Michael Creim - Graduate Student in Dual PhD/JD Program at Cornell in Developmental Psychology and Law

Brianna McCullough - Graduate student in the MSW program at UCLA

Shanna Licouris - Masters student in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University

Desiree Wilson - Graduate student in PsyD at California Lutheran University

Megan Galligan - Graduate Student in Developmental Psychology at the University of Iowa

Megha Shah - PA Student at Northwestern University

Sheva Miran - Graduate student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at USC

Vita Kolosov - Graduate student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at USC

Emily Chan - Graduate student in Doctoral Program for Organizational Behavior at Claremont Graduate University

Jamie Roberts - Masters student in in Clinical Psychology

Cynthia Paek - Health Psychology Lab Manager at UCLA

Matt Baldwin - Graduate student in Social Psychology at the University of Kansas and a NSF GRF Fellow

Sheila Modir - Graduate student in Clinical Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Mayumi Namikoshi - Clinical Psychology Lab Manager at UCLA

Maarja Boulos - Department of Justice’s Immigration Court

Christina Coutou - Law Student at Yale Law School

Emma Tavmasian - Law Student at Southwestern Law School

Miranda Petersen - Law Student at Georgetown Law School

Research Assistants

Alessandra Martinez, Avery Horne, Brandon Valencia, Danny Hang, Elleyse Garrett, Benny Hongzhi Kuang, Jahanvi Srinivasan, Jamie Raiss, Josephine Klein, Julia Getz, Lusine (Lucy) Hunanyan, Melissa Cabral, Nia Walker, Sissi Huang, Yuhui Feng, Matthew Leung, Ella Reich, Kiran Cherian